Minority Politics

Minority Politics

Online Seminar Series


MPOSS is on hiatus for the Spring 2023. State tuned for updates

MPOSS was a Zoom seminar series on minority politics in comparative politics, American politics, and political psychology. We take a broad perspective on what kind of research falls within the scope of Minority Politics. Social scientists have long been involved in studying the ways that groups define themselves according to national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, caste, tribe, region, gender, and/or class markers. All of those who are interested in learning more about groups, defined alongside these dynamic lines, will find a home in this seminar series.

We aim to bring together interested folks from different regions, continents, and subfields to participate in these workshops. ALL are welcome!

Although the future of the seminar series is uncertain, you can sign up for the mailing list.

Past Talks

MPOSS 2022

  • November 22: Tye Rush, “The Majority Rules: How Race Impacts State Legislator Voting Behavior on Voter Identification Bills”

  • November 15: Lotem Halevy, “Who gets to play? How the (dis)enfranchisement of ethnonational minorities affects party system consolidation in Central Eastern Europe”

  • November 08: Tosen Nwadei, “The Price of (In)Authenticity for Black Americans: Cultural Self-Expression and Its Effects on Occupational Opportunities and Psychological Wellbeing” | Video

  • November 01: Kesicia Dickinson, “How She Wins: An Exploration of the Candidacies of Black Women”

  • October 25: Balbir Singh, “Social Perception: Mechanisms and mitigation of social inequalities through the lens of face perception” | Video

  • October 18: Hannah Ridge, “Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Democracy in Israel” | Video

  • October 11: Gerald Higginbotham, “U.S. Histories of Racism: A Critical Social Context and Motivated Mental Representation” | Video

  • October 04: Nejla Asimovic, “How Do Social Media and Language Barriers Shape Interethnic Relations? Evidence From Cyprus” | Video

  • September 27: Justin Zimmerman, “Race, Class, and Distrust” | Video

  • May 31: Nour Kteily, “Beliefs about What Disadvantaged Groups Would Do with Power Shape Advantaged Groups’ (Un)Willingness to Share it” | Video

  • May 24: Erika Hall, Sarah S. M. Townsend, & James T. Carter, “What’s in a Name? The Hidden Historical Ideologies Embedded in the Black and African American Racial Labels” | Video

  • May 17: Mirya Holman & Emily Farris, “Sheriffs, right-wing extremism, and the limits of U.S. federalism during a crisis” | Video

  • May 10: Nadia Brown, “The Politics of Appearance for Black Women Political Elites” | Video

  • May 03: Cesi Cruz, “Gender, Social Recognition, and Political Influence” | Video

  • April 26: Tamar Mitts, Devorah Manekin, & Yael Zeira, “The Politics of Allyship: Multiethnic Coalitions and Mass Attitudes Towards Protest”

  • March 22: Sergio Garcia-Rios, “Dime con quien andas… Kamala Harris and intersectional assessments among Latino voter” | Video

  • March 15: Sylvia Perry, “Understanding and Encouraging White American Parent-Child Conversations About Race” | Video

  • March 8: Aala Abdelgadir & Vicky Fouka, “Perceived Discrimination and Adolescent Muslim Integration: Evidence from Europe”

  • March 1: Joaquin Bahamondes Correa, “A Model of Ideologically Motivated Ethnic-based Victimization” | Video

  • February 22: Journal Editors roundtable with editors from Political Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, American Political Science Review, Political Behavior, and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies | Video

  • February 8: Semra Sevi, “Is Incumbency Advantage Gendered”

  • February 1: Amaney Jamal, “The Global Segregation of the Poor”

MPOSS 2021

  • November 16Amanda Lea Robinson, “The Political Implications of Ethnic Visibility” | Video

  • November 9: Robin Bergh, “Bounded ethnocentrism - The difference between being anti-minority and anti-outgroup” | Video

  • November 2: Vincent Hutchings, “If They Only Knew’: Informing Blacks and Whites about the Racial Wealth Gap” | Video

  • October 26Ada Nina Johnson-Kanu, “Colonial Legacies in State Building: Ethnicity and Bureaucratic Representation in Nigeria” | Video

  • October 19: LaGina Gause and Maneesh Arora, “Black Lives Matter Protests Amidst a Global Pandemic” | Video

  • October 12: Sabina Čehajić-Clancy, “Moral exemplar intervention: A new paradigm for conflict resolution and intergroup reconciliation” | Video

  • September 21: Constantine Manda, “Majority-Minority Politics in the Proposed East African Federation” | Video

  • September 14: Charlton McIlwain, “Carceral Technologies: A Brief History of the Present”

  • September 7: Special panel on Roma communities with Margareta Matache, Senada Sali, and Ioanida Costache | Video

  • August 31: Amanda Sahar d’Urso, “A Boundary of White Inclusion: How Religion Shapes Perceptions of Ethnoracial Assignment” | Video

  • August 24: Neil Hester, “Intersectionality in Social Cognition” | Video

  • August 17: Amy Liu, “Attitudinal Effects of Bilingual Ballot Designs: Evidence from the Republic of Georgia” | Video

  • August 10: Juliane Degner, “Pressured to be Proud? Is there a Link between Perceived Norms and Intergroup Attitudes in Members of Disadvantaged Minority Groups?”

  • June 8: Julian Rucker, “Structurally Unjust: Lay Beliefs about Racism and Responses to Racial Inequality in Criminal Justice” | Video

  • June 1: LaFleur Stephens-Dougan, “Backlash Effect? White Americans’ Reactions to Racial Disparities in COVID-19”

  • May 25: Yoshiko Herrera, “The Sunny Side of Essentialism: Race and jazz in contemporary Russia” | Video

  • May 18: Efrén O. Pérez, Bianca Vicuña, & Crystal Robertson, “Prejudiced When Climbing Up or When Falling Down? Why (Some) People of Color Express Anti-Black Racism” | Video

  • May 11: Special panel on China’s Uyghur Genocide with Kuzzat Altay (President of the Uyghur American Association), Babur Ilchi (Program Director of the Campaign for Uyghurs), Arslan Hidayat (General Secretary of the Uyghur Revival Association), Sean Roberts (George Washington University, Author of “The War on Uyghurs”), Zumretay Arkin (Program & Advocacy Manager at the World Uyghur Congress), and Kate Cronin-Furman (UCL Department of Political Science) | Video

  • May 4: Vicky Fouka, Marco Tabellini, & Mina Cikara, “Hate Crime Increases with Minoritized Group Rank”

  • April 27: Jóhanna Birnir & Nil Satana, “Alternatives in Mobilization: Ethnicity, Religion and Political Contestation” | Video

  • March 23: Davin Phoenix, “The Message has Meaning: Affective Cues in Black Panther Discourses of Resistance and Solidarity” | Video

  • March 16: Bhumi Purohit, “Can Minority Politicians Get Work Done? Evidence of Implicit and Explicit Bias from Bureaucrats in India”

  • March 9: Dilan Okcuoglu, “Demographic Control in Practice: Everyday Politics of Land and Property Relations in Turkey’s Kurdistan”

  • March 2: Betsy Levy Paluck, “Prejudice Reduction: Progress and Challenges” | Video

  • February 23: Candis Watts Smith, “Assessing the Relationship between Policy and Social Constructions in the US States” | Video

  • February 16: Flavio Azevedo, “Measuring ideology: Current practices, its consequences, and recommendations” | Video | PowerPoint

MPOSS 2020

Organizers: Ana Bracic, Mark Brandt, Nazita Lajevardi

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