Minority Politics

Minority Politics

Online Seminar Series


MPOSS is a Zoom seminar series on minority politics in comparative politics, American politics, and political psychology. We take a broad perspective on what kind of research falls within the scope of Minority Politics. Social scientists have long been involved in studying the ways that groups define themselves according to national origin, ethnicity, religion, race, caste, tribe, region, gender, and/or class markers. All of those who are interested in learning more about groups, defined alongside these dynamic lines, will find a home in this seminar series.

Talks are at 9 am PST, 12p EST, and 6p CET. They are 1 hour long, with a 40-45 minute zoom presentation and a 15 minute question and answer session. We aim to bring together interested folks from different regions, continents, and subfields to participate in these workshops. ALL are welcome!

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Spring 2021 Series

Past Talks

  • March 23: Davin Phoenix, “The Message has Meaning: Affective Cues in Black Panther Discourses of Resistance and Solidarity” | Video

  • March 16: Bhumi Purohit, “Can Minority Politicians Get Work Done? Evidence of Implicit and Explicit Bias from Bureaucrats in India”

  • March 9: Dilan Okcuoglu, “Demographic Control in Practice: Everyday Politics of Land and Property Relations in Turkey’s Kurdistan”

  • March 2: Betsy Levy Paluck, “Prejudice Reduction: Progress and Challenges” | Video

  • February 23: Candis Watts Smith, “Assessing the Relationship between Policy and Social Constructions in the US States” | Video

  • February 16: Flavio Azevedo, “Measuring ideology: Current practices, its consequences, and recommendations” | Video | PowerPoint


Organizers: Ana Bracic, Mark Brandt, Nazita Lajevardi